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Seven Years

posted Jan 28, 2012, 8:26 AM by Paul Sampson   [ updated Jan 29, 2012, 3:53 PM ]

This news report of William Styles (1879-1957), being charged - aged 9 - with not being looked after properly was printed (as you can see) on 1889-02-02 and relates to his appearance at the police courts on the preceding Thursday (1889-01-31). They didn't hang about and he turns up in the admissions register of the Ragged and Industrial School as entry number 918 on the very day he was picked up.

The newspapers had other things to report on the 31st of January. Many of them being preoccupied with the sudden death of Crown Prince Rudolph, but there's no evidence that this induction has any connection.

TWAS E.AP/8/1 Admissions Register
Entry 918

Where, when and by whom ordered to be detained

Police Court 31 Jan 1889
Ordered to be detained by Tho Geo Gibson Esq JP, Edward Culley Esq JP

With What Charged

Ind Sch acts amendment act 1880 Section 14 - Not under proper guardianship found living in a brothel by S B O Scott.

Name address Occupation and such other particulars
as can be given respecting the parents or stepparents

Mother Julia Styles is a singlewoman living at 1 Ellison Terrace (a brothel). This boy lodged with Mrs Smith at McKenzies Passage, Bigg Market, he slept there & got his breakfast there his mother paying [guess] 2/6 per wk [guess] previously he lodged with Mrs Naysmith 7 Barker St & before that at Gateshead.

This boy says his mother says he is in her way. This stepfather Frank Furness (a man living in the house) wants him out of his wad [guess]way[guess]. This FF was imprisoned for Keeping a Brothel & Julia Styles has gone to So Shields c/o Mrs Knox, 11 Alderson St.

Name William Styles
Aged 9 3/12
Term of Detention 6 9/12
Admitted Jan 31 1889
Religion Ch of Eng
Character Not known

He's recorded in the 1891 census (RG12-4212 folio 125 page 3), aged 11, with his address as Jubilee Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, as an inmate of the Ragged & Industrial Schools, Newcastle upon Tyne. His birthplace is recorded as South Shields.

He was there until they released him, aged 16. By the time of the 1901 census, he's married Annie and they're living at 17 Norman Street, Felling (which does not appear to be still extant) where he's recorded as being a Barman.

We have been unable to discover anything about Frank Furness

Traces of Annie

posted Jun 18, 2011, 4:41 PM by Paul Sampson   [ updated Jun 19, 2011, 1:56 AM ]

As we all know, Annie Styles (née Bone) 'disappeared', reputedly with a policeman called (phonetically) Lowry, Lowery, Lowrey. The last child she bore with William, in North Shields, was Clara, in 1914. This was after the twins Mona and Daniel who were born at 8:45 pm and 9:45 pm respectively on 18 September 1912. Clara died in 1922.

We're told (by announcements in the press) that by 1955 she was dead. She's referred to as the late Annie in February 1955 in the death notice of her second son, Sidney.

And again, when William died in 1957, the death notice in the Shields Evening News of 16 November 1957 refers to him as the dearly loved husband of the late Annie Styles.

Although neither of these public notices constitute proof of her death - merely that she was considered dead (at least, one would imagine, by her daughter Julia - who would be the most likely source of both of those notices) - it is quite likely that she was indeed in that condition by then.

The Lowrey connection is, we believe, confirmed by the birth and early death of a child called Annie Lowrey Styles (25 May 1918 - 28 August 1918) where the mother is registered Annie Styles formerly Bone of 16 Hewson Street, Carlisle (an odd coincidence, her mother's maiden name being Hewson) on both birth and death certificates. The father is unacknowledged (also on both certificates) but held to be the aforementioned Mr Lowrey.

In the 1911 census (RG14PN29630 RD545 SD1 ED30 SN93) for Hartlepool, there is a young policeman, the only policeman in the area (Northumberland and Durham) called Lowery. His name is John Robert Lowery, he's a 23 year old police constable, born in Sunderland, and he's resident in the Police Station at Church Square, West Hartlepool, on census night. Obviously, this was before William and Annie (resident that same night at 64 Middle Street, North Shields, according to RG14PN30764 RG78PN1758 RD559 SD2 ED32 SN242) had had their twins. If this indeed be he, then we must somehow find evidence of his moving north, encountering the older Annie, and ensnaring her with his youthly wiles. That's assuming he hasn't already.

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